Báez-Mendoza Lab


Social interactions are fundamental to maintaining a healthy life. Likewise, reputation, cooperation, and an individual’s social ties play a crucial role in social interactions. Our lab aims to examine the interdependence and neural basis of these psychological processes.

The ultimate goal of the lab is to understand the behavioral and neuronal mechanisms governing the formation and maintenance of friendships, through a multipronged approach. 

We are located in the German Primate Center, in Göttingen, Germany.







Our Approach

We combine careful characterization of behavior, longitudinal observations, and neurophysiology in probing the brain mechanisms of complex cognitive processes.

Primate Social Cognition

Social cognition is unique in that it involves the interplay between individual and other’s goals. A major goal of the lab is to investigate how these cooperations are computed at the level of single neurons.

Human Social Cognition

How our brains facilitate – or hamper – our daily interactions with others remains poorly understood. Our group aims to better understand human social cognition at both the behavioral and neuronal levels.